About Us

Gravity Guitar Picks UK has been set up to reduce the cost and delivery times of these fantastic picks throughout Europe.


It's difficult to appreciate the difference that these picks will make to your tone and playing until you try them. 

Many players realise that if you play a variety of styles of music, then one pick may not fit all. Gravity offers the serious player opportunity to get the picks that exactly suit the music they play.

Sadly, these picks aren't cheap (quality products rarely are) and Gravity Guitar Picks UK recognise that a player may need to try a variety of picks before arriving at the perfect selection for them. In order to minimise the cost of this process, returns are readily accepted. Being based in the UK allows for cheap nextday delivery within the UK and also affords cheap, quick and tax free delivery within the EU.

If you've never tried these picks, you owe it to yourself to discover the difference they will make to your tone and playing.


Gravity Guitar Picks UK