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  • Item #: R2
  • Manufacturer: Gravity Picks

The Razer boasts a longer, narrow taper when compared to the Classic.  This subtle difference results in an articulate, precise, picking machine.  If there is a fast alternate picking line that you have played a thousand times, then you must try it with a Razer. Arpeggios and chunky rhythms are great as well for the Razer.  This is Rob Chapman's pick of choice.  

  • Hand-Shaped And Polished By Professionals To Bring You A Quality Product That Cannot Be Matched At This Price Point.
  • Superior Grip From A High-Grade Transparent Thermoplastic (Polymethyl Methacrylate).
  • Instant Tone Improvement.
  • Play Faster And Louder With Our Unique Material And Bevel Design.
  • Proprietary Beveling System To Give The Most Consistent Bevels Possible.  You Will Receive A Consistent Product Each And Every Time You Order.
  • Lasts Much Longer Than A Regular Pick.

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